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mostly for my own amusement,  sculpting utilises all the skills practiced over the many decades of breeding, judging and grooming record making show dogs.  These years of assessing have developed my eye for 3 dimensional shape appreciation, and what is so appealing is once finished, they are permanent ~ unlike a hair perfect Wire Fox Terrier or Griffon, which only lasts for a few days, yet took many months to create.

Want to get an idea of what goes into making a metal sculpture the 'lost wax' way? look HERE

Affenpinscher statue, commissioned piece - now with his new owner.

video of affenpinscher click here

NEWS:  AmStaff in bronze coming very soon!

Two pewter Aussie heads for CC winners at ATC of Qld

 - Standard Smooth Dachshund - "Digger"  completed very late 2018

video of Digger here

a breed so special to me.... lots of fun making these griffons - hope you enjoy seeing the process!

After trimming both the first male and first female Affenpinschers to win BIS in Australia - they have a certain

appeal to me, so herewith - now permanent in bronze.

Although very similar, they are not identical - the belge girl is more typically feminine with smaller mane,

beard and features, here they are side by side.  The male is styled after the famous Banana Joe and both

are styled with inspiration from Ernesto Lara's immaculate presentation.

"Roly Poly" solid sterling silver - part of the trio of size matched whippets

"Poise" solid sterling silver, the 2nd of the trio


"Pounce"  from various views -  solid bronze 

plus short video clip of "Pounce" on turntable - see her from all angles HERE

Trio of playing whippets in bronze


see short video clip on turntable HERE


 bronze bull terrier - originally sculpted for fundraising for the Bull Terrier Rescue (Vic)

see short video clip on turntable  HERE     



pair of pewter griffons - a trial run at coats before casting Griffons and Affenpinschers in Bronze......



Casting in silver, pieces this intricate, with long legs and fine detail presents some tricky challenges for the caster, one by one, we have solved these problems - and herewith the finished sculpt!

After almost one year in the making -  3 sterling silver whippets playing - their playground for this photo is the BIS trophy from Melbourne Royal, which one of our dogs "Ricky" won in 1986.



more recently - doing some people sculpting -  this female torso

is now cast in several materials and finishes -

solid sterling silver whippet figurine - something in the making process of these figurines has ignited a passion in me,  it is #1 of what is now my 'trio' of sterling silver whippets playing ~~  

                                   see #2 further down ~~ immediatly below is a close up of the hand done coat work                                      


below,  casting in another metal, this time stainless steel - high polish

High gloss polish stainless steel whippet 

two different hand painted patinas on cast resin bedlingtons

wax of the whippet prior to casting in silver

Pug plate, hand span size,           and in stages below...

donated to Qld Griffon Club

butter dish - much fun!

vase - 2ft tall

vase - commission

vase - commission

whippet - traded with a friend for one of her hand made mosaic bird baths

Tri colour Cavalier - 

Griffon ceramic painted plate 

bedlington ceramic - gift to friend

3 cold cast bronze bedlingtons - 2 sold, 1 donated for auction for funding research into CM/SM in UK -

winning bidder Mrs Margaret Carter

renown campaigner for health improvements in Cavaliers

pastel - hand made Australian pure cotton 300 gsm weight unbleached paper

resin griffon casts, either cold bronze or hand painted acrylic - sold and donated for

research into health in griffons

                        hand made, pewter medallions for each BOB when judging at SKK, December 2010.

Hand made solid pewter griffon figurine - 5 donated for various fundraisers for griffon health research


acrylic on canvas, our 2 of our Champion & multi  BIS griffons, Pumpkin & Pickle


impression from old photo of Anne Knight showing Statue's mother "Delectabelle"
pastel on Australian pure cotton hand made paper (Bemboka)
 for Joelle & Mike
cold cast bronze griffon figurines (donated for fundraising for griffon health research)
charcoal on Australian pure cotton hand made paper (Bemboka)


whippet figurine - solid silver - gift for Frank over 20 years ago

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