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When you are looking for a puppy (a griffon or any breed) we suggest you Google "inherited diseases in name of breed here"

Buy Your puppy from a breeder who tests  their breeding dogs for ALL those Google listed conditions , prior to breeding with them

Just saying PUPS are 'vet checked' is not enough ~ many disorders are not detectable in young pups.  It is equally important how their parents and grandparents test as mature animals.

If a breeder answers your questions with 'mine don't have that condition' ask them how they can prove this to you with veterinay certification.

If there's no certification, don't buy  from that breeder.   Responsible, caring breeders health screen  their dogs prior to breeding, and will want to show you this.

Visit the breeder at home.  Assess how the oldies are living - check their teeth and toenails - smell them - are they treasured and loved?

Meet the parent/s grandparents great grandparents aunts and uncles of your potential puppy - 

Griffons are often robust and live long lives on average 13 or 14 ~ but do check for those health clearances of your prospective puppy's parents and grandparents. 

Relevant diseases to ask for certification for Griffons include:  Eyes, Patella luxation, Hips, hearts, & CM/SM (Syringomyelia)

for the latest information on Syringomyelia click here to listen to Dr Simon Platt of AKC Health Foundation for his podcast.

ARTICLES OF INTEREST peer reviewed and published in scientific journals

Effectiveness of breeding guidelines for reducing the prevalence of syringomyelia in GRIFFONS 

Chiari-like malformation and syringomyelia in American Brussels Griffon dogs.  

Determining risk and protective factors in the conformation of the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel dog (with specific references to studies in Griffons --



Tabitha, Quiche, Pumpkin, Grumble and Lizabeth - in order of generations, youngest at left, oldest at right,

ALL carry veterinary certification for 0/0 patellas, Syringomyelia, Eye disease, heart disease, and the last 5 years we have added in hip xrays.

Link to Griffon Specific head shape study

For all other information on CM/SM refer to Dr Clare Rusbridge's site

LINK to Griffon Bruxellois Club of Victoria HERE

All our own dogs are MRI scanned on 1.5 tesla strength machines, with cervical and thoracic areas covered.  All receive a full written report describing all findings, by Dr Georgina Child, Australia's most experienced SM Specialist.

They all have their Patellas, Eyes and Hearts & Hips  tested (and certified)   All certification is available upon 'in person' request when you visit.  



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