the making of a bronze statue

making a bronze figurine - age old art skills still the best!

the process is call 'lost wax casting'

pic above shows Marcel Jendruch of Crawfords Fine Art Foundry with the wax tree of my griffon and affenpinchers


To make a bronze, you need an exact wax piece, it's then attached (by wax) to a wax 'tree' and dipped/coated in a ceramic mix and left harden.  Then baked, causing the ceramic shell to harden and the wax to melt out. 

Then molten bronze is poured into the hollow ceramic shell and left to cool and solidify.

Then the ceramic shell is chipped away and there you have your bronze.  It then needs clean up, sandblasting and polishing, then it's 'brazed' and patina applied

see the beginning of brazing/patina application here


The making of a wax figure - can be done several ways, you can start off drop by drop and build it up.... or.... an easier medium to sculpt in such as a Polymer Clay or a wax/oil clay.

Then you need a silicone mold of your piece, to use to pour melted wax in, to make your wax copy.  Remember, only a wax can be turned into bronze ~


Mold making - a whole other venture!  This is the method I use HERE




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