WE have had new babies born 16th July,

3 girls and 1 boy, they are all smooth coat (no roughs)

Sire: Ch Raweke Red Pepper

Dam: Statuesque Tessa Teacake

Tessa is sired by Supreme Ch S. PumperNickel who holds the record here for Specialty BIS awards and is a multi all breeds BIS winner and fully health tested. This litter is sired by ChRaweke Red Pepper - also health tested and one of the very few griffons on the planet MRI'd with no CM and no SM and has parents the same, and one further generation back also.... Tessa's dam is BIS Ch S. Tabitha Tattle Tale - also fully health tested, and representing our best consistent free whelping line, tested clear of SM, 0/0 patellas & ACES clear for eyes, for 7 generations .


To inquire about puppies, it would be helpful to us, if you include information about yourselves that will help us know

what kind of life your puppy might expect to live out in your care....

Things such as your doggy experience, your age, your children's ages,

but especially the veterinary care /  history of your previous or current pets 

A print out from your vet would be absolutely ideal, that shows us that you do actually take your dog to the vet for care when needed.......and your willingness to spend $'s if necessary on your pets health care if they need it.

Also helpful are photos of you and your pet  ~ your working hours - and maybe any other hobbies you take part in -

Your home telephone number ~ your home address ~~ (after all, you will want to know ours to come and visit

and meet the parents and relatives of your potential puppy right>?)

Our prices start at $3,000 and go upwards from there, depending on age and level of training of the puppy.

Our puppies are whelped and raised inside our home, for the first 10 days we sleep alongside of the 'nest' and give any help and encouragment to the mothers that may be needed...


By 4 weeks, the pups are learning house training, with separate toiletting area provided and encouraged, and by 5 weeks they are learning how to use the doggy door to go outside for toiletting.   Before they go to their new homes, they learn come when they are called.  (and yes, fully health checked, wormed  a number of  times, vaccinated, microchipped and registered) 

Our puppies come with veterinary health certification on themselves, AND even more importantly on their parents  We give a full purchase price refund guarantee in writing (no reason needed - if you need to re home  your griffon from us, we want it to come back to us!)

Why are our puppies among the more expensive griffons? 

During the life of griffon here at Statuesque, before any griffon is bred with, and contributes to our "breeding pool", they are tested for  'breed relevant' conditions.

A typical griffon here through it's life will get the following tests:

All the regular health tests, wormings and vaccines, pedigree/ registration at Dogs NSW and Microchipped 

($200 @ least, each puppy)

What OUR griffons get on top of the usual:

a skull xray, to check for 'too short a skull base/and or doming of the skull' (pre cursor to CM/SM) $150

between 1 & 2 years they are given their 'first' Specialist Eye Vet exam, ($100) then each 2 years until the last one

at 8 years. (yes $100 each time)

and an xray for Hip Dysplasia. ($180)

vet assessment on Patella stability, dentition, hernia or not, heart function, any 'palpatable' disorder  (and written vet report) - any dog that doesn't score ultra well, is not used in our 'breeding pool'  (regular consult fee applies)

often, 2 times in their lives our breeding dogs undergo an MRI for the painful skull and spinal cord deformities  nicknamed "CM/SM" - (Chiari-like Malformation and Syringomyelia) these tests are $800 per MRI. These two deformities affect many Toy sized breeds.....  Our Griffons are MRI'd on the powerful  1.5 tesla strength machine and their MRI's include the whole cervical spine and go  into the thoracic dip area ~ where statistics now show syrinxes can be lurking and can be considerably larger than the cervical ones!

1st MRI is mostly just prior to mating for the first time, 2nd MRI is at full maturity.

If the Mother requires a caesarian to deliver her puppies, then that's a further $1,000 - $1,500 or thereabouts

If the Mother 'free whelps' at home, she still gets a visit from our vet and pups and Mother fully checked over within

24 hours.  (home visit vet consult fee)

Along the way, some do not pass 'sufficiently well' to be included in the breeding pool - but they still cost this amount to thoroughly test to find out if they are truly healthy in adulthood,( and if they deserve to be contributing to the bloodlines of griffons.)

So it's pretty typical that we spend getting on for $3,000 on every griffon just health screening them  through their lives to be certain that griffon is truly healthy, and that his/her genetic value is appropriate to be bred with.  This is without regular vet fees for regular things ~ see why our puppies are amongst the most expensive?  They're worth it! 

read the Griffon Bruxellois Club of Victoria's health policies here

The Griffon Bruxellois Club of Victoria is the largest and longest serving Griffon Club in Australia, and has

contributed to Griffon health research and consistenly represents the most Griffon breeders.








above & below: Pumpkin Pie with her pups from her last litter.


Please note:  

We are not prepared to send puppies overseas, it's too hard a trip for a tiny puppy, and, if

anything goes wrong, it's too hard to get them home again.   Sorry.  


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email us:  [email protected]